The Series

Set One
The Primary Start

The adventure begins in the valley where Roanoke sleeps, on a hill a school rests overlooking the city. Hidden inside and below the school a long history abandoned and a future being made…

Everything was great, everything was fine. Until one question was asked, why is this place so strange? Bryan, an extraordinary 11 year old prodigy in the Academy of Advance Studies, was asked that by his new classmate, Adam. Little they know the question will lead them to stranger plots and odd characters and situations that’ll reveal what the Academy really is. With unlikely new friends around the Academy they fumble around venture down to the depths and behind the curtains of the mysterious Administration only to find a stranger world. They only find that the world of the strange Academy is threatened to disappear with a sudden threat of a maniacal Weapons Engineer on the hunt for a hidden tech made by a former student. But questions remain; why the tech is in the Academy? Why they are hunting for it? The hunt may answer them or lead them to a stranger world. So it begins…

There is no turning back. There are more gruesome things than an exam, this is true for The Academy. A hidden history is about to discovered and it’ll put our young heroes in a very difficult situation. Paranoia ensues, there is no one you can’t really trust. Watch your back and look forward, because there is no way to escape from this now.

Anger, confusion and secrets. Like the maze of tunnels beneath the campus it’s confusing and potentially dangerous. A rumble in the rail yard yields a clue to the biggest secret on campus but revenge of epic entanglements were dealt with as Delia and the mangled android army returns from the ashes of Black Ridge. Our main hero can’t hold it for much longer, all this chaos, it’s just the beginning and a resolution is here.

It took a lifetime to be awaken, but through dire circumstances… “It was like a dream…the previous strangeness, the one I question about this place that caused that strangeness is now being answered, it’s being dealt with by this terrifying experience.” Time has come, the pieces are in play, the lights must turn on. Enduring horrific experiences, our rag tag team will face the truth of the Roanoke Academy. Many questions will be answered, but they will be awaken by a dark secret that the Academy has dwelling among the wall, a constant fear of being trapped and the deathly need to escape. They are not alone even the teachers and administrators are trapped, but by what. Further down the rabbit hole we go, it’s only a matter of time before we hit rock bottom, and wake up to the light of the truth, that this is the world. So help me God, the world awaits.

Set Two
Turbulent Times

The aura of the Roanoke Incident still lingers and it has touched everyone connected to a future being made in front of their eyes, the future seems bright since you can see it from here…

One year after the Roanoke Incident, there are no signs of these chain of events slowing down. So much noise about the Incident obscure the rising crimes of brazen high tech robberies around the Washington DC metro area.

With attempts of being normal teenagers, the crew from Roanoke try to find solid ground at the new campus. Only to be drawn back into action fighting robots, invisibility-cloaking spies, mechanical monsters and that is just in one week. Robberies, metal monsters, spies all swirl around the first steps into a new world with new AI’s and their inevitable fates. As well as an unexpected confrontation with a person from Grace’s past might put the path forward into question.

A teenage youth facing a monolith of an uncertain cyberpunk future.

You can see the future from here.

Welcome to 2005.